cyber security made easy

Our Story
Established in 2004, Information Technology Security Distribution, Inc. (ITSDI) is a distributor in the Philippines with over 60 years combined experience in the information and communications technology industry.

The internet and the web more popularly referred to as cyberspace has become an integral part of every Filipino's life. We have embraced cyberspace for work, play, and learning. Infrastructure that keeps everything moving in our society extensively use cyberspace to provide key goods and services needed to survive in today’s world. These key infrastructures include but not limited to power, water, banking, education, communications, retail, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and government service. This dependence on cyberspace has made us vulnerable to hacking, crime, attacks, bullying, theft, espionage, and other forms of cyber threats. 
Solutions are available to prevent, detect, and mitigate most cyber threats and attacks. But we must remain vigilant at all times. It is not enough to be only looking at today’s cyber threats. We must also look outside, in other parts of the world to ascertain evolving trends in the cyber threat landscape that may affect us. 
ITSDI is committed to meet the demands of the ever changing cyberspace threat landscape by offering a holistic approach to cyber security that enables organizations to stay ahead of cyber threats and threat actors. 

Our Vision
Our vision is to enable all Filipinos to take advantage of cyber space to reach their full potential and achieve the aspirations of their organization, family, and country.

Our Mission
Our mission is to ensure freedom and safety of cyberspace by strengthening our customer’s cyber security posture, taking into consideration people, process, and technology as the 3 key elements of any successful transformational journey.